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Traditional bagpipe player in Liverpool and the surrounding areas

Looking for a Highland piper in Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire or Staffordshire? Look no further and contact Phil McConnell of Bagpiper UK. For weddings, funerals, corporate or special events, I am your premier bagpiper in Liverpool.

A premier bagpipe musician

Are you thinking of celebrating your anniversary to the sound of the Highland bagpipes? Do you wish to usher in the New Year with a Highland bagpiper playing at your event?
Phil McConnell of Bagpiper UK, has over 45 years of experience playing the bagpipes at various events. Be it weddings, funerals or even a birthday party, my bagpipe music is sure to set the mood and leave your guests feeling great. Over the years, I have been complimented for my performance, my dress as well as the way I handle each performance. Take a look below for some of the kind words from my previous clients. 

Words of appreciation for a bagpipe musician

"Phil the day would not have been as successful without you, you made the wedding a very special event thanks to your excellent service and what could only be a very long afternoon for you. You gave us a master class of how the pipes should be played, Many thanks.”
- Alan and Anette (July 2016

“Phil plays the bagpipes brilliantly,and is very professional, whatever the occasion, people were amazed at my late wife Elaine's funeral, by the way Phil played the bagpipes, and Elaine would have been smiling at the way he expertly played the songs she loved to hear being played.Highly Recommended.”
- Sanjay (July 2016)

“Hi Phil, 
Alan and I would like to thank you for the wonderful start to Martin and Sarah’s wedding. Your pipe playing was great and you definitely looked the part. Thank you very much – we would highly recommend you. Thanks again.”
- Shona Low (April 2016)

“Hi Phil,
“Thank you so much for yesterday you were great. Best Regards.”
- Mandy (April 2016)

“Hi Phil,
Thank you for making their might extra special, you were amazing.”
- Tracy and Scott (March 2016)

Hi Phil, 
“Thank you. We had a great day and can’t wait to see the photos with you. We thought you were great. Many thanks"
- Sarah and Kenny Reilly (March 2016)

“Hi Phil, 
I am just catching up with the emails after my Dad’s funeral last Thursday and wanted to thank you again for your professionalism and beautiful playing on the day. Many people commented on how lovely your pipe playing was at the service, handled with such sensitivity and how it added a lovely personal touch too. Much appreciated. If I can provide a testimonial in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. All the best.”
- Linda Ward (February 2016)

Thanks for a great performance for our Burns Supper. Everyone has said what a difference having traditional pipes made to the evening. I will contact you again for next year. 
Thanks again.”
- Richard (January 2016)

“Hi Phil,
I just wanted to say thank you very much for today. You are a top man. Cheers”
- John (December 2015)

“Hi Phil,
I didn’t get the chance to thank you last Thursday. You were fantastic leading Anne into her funeral, you created the most eerily moving atmosphere that the Scots Guards couldn’t have bettered, setting the tone to give my wife a send-off that couldn’t be improved upon and Flower of Scotland topped it off wonderfully! Once again thank you from myself and family and all who attended.”
-Peter Ruff (November 2015)

Hi Phil,
Thank you so much for the part you played at our wedding. Walking into church to Highland Cathedral was absolutely amazing!!! It sounded so incredible and you looked fantastic. I will make sure I forward you a copy of the picture we had taken when I get it back from the photographer. Thank you once again.
- Katy, (3rd October 2015)

“Hi Phil
I just want to say thank you for playing on our wedding day you was fantastic and all the guests said how amazing you were so thank you so much. I have attached a few photos as well. Thanks.”
- Jack (September 2015)

“Hello Phil, 
You must have read my mind as I was telling Keith today of the need to e-mail you and thank you for last night. We were obviously aware that our guests would take an avid interest in your playing the bagpipes. It is more than fair to say everybody certainly enjoyed you!! There where people there last night who had their first experience of listening to bagpipes so close up. 
Thank you so much for being there last night. Both Keith and I certainly enjoyed the music, and are so thankful for the opportunity to hear some of our chosen music again. It may only be two weeks now but the memories of that day’s event came flooding back to the sound of your bagpipes. Once again, thank you for everything, and should anyone ever wish to hear a piper, we have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you.”
- Ken and Keith (29th August, 2015)

"Good morning Phil,
I cannot thank you enough for playing at dad’s funeral on Friday. To have dad piped into church with you at the front leading the way with Amazing Grace, was something I will never forget and also being piped out of the church to Flowers of the Forest. Dad would have so loved that, as we all did. As Scots, it is such an important moment that stays with you forever and I’m sure the villagers in Port Sunlight appreciated it too.  You looked so resplendent, played beautifully and are such a warm person. Many thanks Phil”
- Sarah (28th August, 2015)

“To Phil, 
Thank you for playing such a big part on our wedding day. You were truly amazing, we both had goose bumps as soon as we saw you and heard your pipes playing. Everybody complimented on you performed. You have such a lovely calming and pleasant personality too. We are so glad we chose you.
Thank you.
- Yvonne and Andrew (2015)

“Hi Phil
Now I am back down to earth and back to reality from the wedding and honeymoon, I wanted to send an email to thank you very much for everything on our special day at The Ashes on 4/4/15, from the moment you started playing whilst I was hidden away in the bridal cottage I had goose pimples. All of our guests commented on what a special part of the day it was, and they all especially enjoyed you playing us walking into our wedding reception. I wanted to send an extra big thank you for playing that little bit extra for our guests as I was fashionably late, blame it on my tearful dad. You worked above and beyond to ensure our bagpipe experience was perfect for our special day. Thanks again.”
- Mr and Mrs Duthie (2015)

“Hi Phil,
I just wanted to reiterate to Lucy’s message – you added such a special touch to our wedding and we both thought you looked and sounded absolutely fabulous. Thanks you so much”
- Dominic (2015)

“Hi Phil, 
It was wonderful to have you there! Thank you for being part of our special day. You looked fantastic and you really added something special to the day. Iscoyd, what a place eh?!
Thank you Phil. The professional photos should be ready in about 4 weeks, so we’ll send some. 
Best Wishes.”
- Lucy and Dominic (2015)

“Hi Phil,
Just wanted to thank you again for the huge part you played in our wedding day. We had a ball. Everyone commented on what a lovely touch your bagpipes were to the New Year celebrations. Thanks again for everything you did on our wedding day (staying late etc.); it was all very much appreciated. Thanks again.”
- Hayley (January, 2015)

"Hi Phil,
On behalf of Matthew and I, we would like to thank you ever so much for your fabulous bagpipe playing at our wedding on 03/04/2015! Lots of our guests commented on how wonderfully you played, how your music added to the overall enjoyment of the day and personally I loved being played down the aisle by you. We would highly recommend you :) 
Thanks again. Kind Regards”
- Mr and the newly Mrs Jones (2015)

“Thank you Phil you were my best money spent. Everybody are still talking about you. Thank you so much.”
- Joanne (2015)

“Hi Phil
It was so lovely to meet you too and we can’t thank your enough for the music you played for us on our wedding day. You really brought the Scottish flavour of our wedding to life. I particularly enjoyed the marching we did with the group of men. The photo looks fabulous. Are you on Facebook so we can write some recommendations for you? Best wishes”
- Andrew and Yvonne (2015)

Hi Phil, thank you so much for today for Matt, all the family said how beautiful it was, they were shocked and proud, they said it was the most beautiful funeral they have been to, so thank you again, will highly recommend you.”
- June and family (2015)

Hi Phil,
I just want to say a really massive thank you to you. From all the comments from our guests they really enjoyed your playing. So on behalf of my wife and I thank you for making our day so amazing we will cherish it for many many years to come. Kind Regards”
- Don and Kath (2015)

“Thank you Phil. It was an absolute pleasure to have you play for us. Thank you. I am sure we will be in touch again next year. Many thanks.”
- Nadiya (8th November, 2014)

“Hi Phil,
Thanks for your lovely email and also everything you did for us on our wedding day. We could not have been happier with the part you played in our wedding; it was perfect – thank you! As a Scot, I was delighted to have a piper playing as guests arrived at my wedding, and for us to be piped in for dinner. You looked great, the tunes were exactly what I had hoped for (loved Scotland the Brave as we came in for dinner!) and nothing was too much trouble. Wishing you all the best! We would like to send you a proper thank you card. Could I have your address please?”
- Aileen and Duncan (November 2014)

“Dear Phil.
Thank you so much for your efforts today. All were very impressed with your piping, it was very moving
My dad was proud of his Scots ancestry. His grandmother was of the clan MacGregor and the pipes always moved him to tears, so thanks again and farewell. Very best wishes.”
- Shaun Greenhalgh (10th November, 2014)

I just wanted to say heartfelt thanks for playing the bagpipes at my mum’s funeral on the 23rd Oct , , 2014). She would have loved every minute that you played. I really appreciate how professional you were and the sound of the pipes was just incredible. Thanks so much.”
- Dave, Jay and Tom Gosling (24th October, 2014)

“Dear Phil
I would just like to say 'thank you so much for the wonderful professional and personal job you performed at my dad’s funeral yesterday. My brother and I were so happy and it made the funeral so personal and warm. My dad would have been thrilled. Everyone said how wonderful you were. Thank you for playing amazing grace up to the grave that was so lovely and really appreciated. I would have no hesitation in recommending you. Best wishes and thanks.”
- Gill and Pete (23rdOctober, 2014)

“You looked amazing, played beautifully and you were so lovely with everyone. You were professional, discreet and attentive to all our requests and brought calmness along with you. I am so grateful to you and can only hope you enjoyed sharing in what was a very beautiful and memorable day. 
Again many thanks; it was lovely to meet you. Take care.”
- Jennifer (1st October, 2014)

Hi Phil,
Thank you for your email. Also, thank you for doing an amazing job playing for our wedding. It was lovely to meet you.”
- Chris and Sarah (2nd August, 2014)

“Hello Phil,
Thank you so much for making our day so special. Your music was amazing. Thanks again. You looked and sounded fantastic!”
- Jenny and Duncan (14th July, 2014)

“Hello Phil
Thank you for all the piping you did on Saturday. We were delighted with your playing and it really brought the Scottish feel to the day that we were looking for. Hope you are well and wish you many more ‘bookings’ in the future. Kind regards.”
- Elizabeth and Peter (24th June, 2014)

“Dear Phil,
It was lovely to meet you and we were really pleased with the pipes. Kirsty and Tom are in Mexico on honeymoon and I will pass on your congratulations when they get back.”
- Jill (20th June, 2014)

“Hi Phil,
Thank you so much for playing at my dad’s funeral today. It was just what my dad would have wanted and he would have really enjoyed it. You gave my dad the send-off he would have loved and that means a lot to us. So once again, thank you.”
- Sharon (12th June, 2014)

“Dear Phil,
Thank you so much for playing for us. You were fantastic and really helped make our day special. All the best.”
- Emma and Rob (1st June, 2014)

“Hi Phil,
Many thanks for playing at our wedding – it was a fantastic start. Sharon and I and all the family really appreciated it. Thanks for this. Cheers!”
- Mike and Sharon (21st March, 2014)

“Hi Phil,
Thank you so much for playing you were amazing!!!”
- Alison and John (14th March, 2014)

“Hello Phil,
We have just arrived back home in the USA. Thank you so much for playing the pipes at my Father’s funeral and also at Crewe crematorium on Friday 4th April. It was a wonderful fitting service for my Father and we all thought you made it very poignant for him. Thanks for your time and such beautiful pieces of pipe music to listen to. Regards!”
Stephanie and Stephen (9th March, 2014)

“Hi Phil!
We just got back from honeymoon yesterday and we had a great time! Thanks very much for your wonderful piping on our wedding day, it was very special to me to have the pipes played and a lot of Steve’s family particularly enjoyed the music not having been to a Scottish wedding before. Thanks again! Kindest regards.”
- Steve and Beth (24th February, 2014)

“Dear Phil
This is an easy email to send in THANK YOU!! You played at my mum’s funeral with skill, care and diffidence. You were so respectful, caring and diligent in what you did, what you played and especially how and when you played it. The Scotland England 6 Nations is coming on now and I believe that pipers would not be able to have played how you did on Thursday in St Annes on Sea for Clarice. I sincerely apologise for the slow departure for your home journey. I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone who asks or put a recommendation on your website. Please feel free to use the thanks on this email if you feel it will work. I wish the very best wishes to you in 2014. Liverpool was not quite note perfect today although it was a delight to watch I have to say!!! You, however, last Thursday to me and my mum were note perfect. Thank you again.”
- Neil and Christin, St Annes on Sea (6th February, 2014) 

“Dear Phil,
Thank you for playing the pipes at my daughter’s wedding on Sunday. You were extremely professional and really helped to make the day that little more special. All the best.”
- Ian (January 2014)

“Dear Phil,
The Mayor and his wife have asked me to pass on their thanks and appreciation to you for playing the bagpipes at their Civic Dinner last Thursday evening at the Wirral Met College. The evening was a great success and they have had many excellent comments from the other guests who attended. Best wishes”
- Sue (January 2014)

“Dear Phil,
A huge thank you for playing so beautifully on our big day! Everyone commented on what a lovely addition you were to the service for us, you really made it for us. I’d highly recommend you to everyone so please use us for a reference. Best wishes”
- Suzanne and Jamie. (January 2014)

“Hello Phil,
Just to say - Thank You So Much for playing at the funeral yesterday. You were wonderful. If we ever have need for a piper again we know where to come. We would recommend you to anyone. Best Regards.”
- Fiona and Sylvia (2013)

“Dear Phil,
I just want to say it was a privilege and honour, and a very huge thanks for the way you played the Bagpipes recently at my dear wife Elaine’s funeral, held at the Southport Crematorium on 28th March 2013, as everyone complimented you on the way you expertly played ‘Mist Covered Mountains’ and ‘Oh Danny Boy’, and I am sure my dear departed wife would have really enjoyed hearing them as well. And you made the service right from the start to the end, a very enjoyable one for her family and friends to remember Elaine’s time with us. And, if anyone asks me, or my friends, for a Scottish Piper for their family, you will be very highly recommended to all who heard you on that day.”
- (2013)

“Hi Phil, 
I just wanted to thank you for playing at our wedding last week. Cath really enjoyed her surprise and I think I was in the good books with the Scottish clan. Thanks again”
- John (2013)

Just a quick email to say how much everyone enjoyed you playing at my son’s wedding. People were still talking about well into the evening, so once again a massive ‘Thank You’. You really played a massive part in making my son’s day very special. You are very welcome to put this email onto your website so everyone can read what a great job you done. Cheers!”
- Jeff (2013)

“Thank you Phil for such a brilliant performance! Hopefully we will be able to ask for your services again. All the very best!”
- Scott and Sammy (2013)

“Hi Phil,
We’ve just returned from honeymoon and things are starting to settle down again. Me and Richie would just like to say a big thank you for playing at our wedding. You helped make the day perfect. I will never forget the sound of the pipes as I arrived at the priory – I’d started crying before I’d even left the car - Such beautiful music! Everyone commented on your presence and you looked fabulous, you almost upstaged the bride! Once again thank you so much for playing. Take Care.”
- Sue and Richie Donaldson (2013)

“Dear Phil,
A big thank you for laying at our wedding last week – you really made it for us. As soon as I saw you when I arrived that was when I couldn’t catch my breath! Thanks again.”
- Jamie and Suzanne (2013)

“Many thanks Phil. We have just arrived back from honeymoon today and wanted to say a big thank you for adding such wonderful moments to our wedding. As I was driving up to the Golf Club in the car I could hear the pipes and it gave me butterflies! You looked splendid and John was thrilled to hear the Highland Cathedral as we finished the wedding ceremony. Your professionalism from the initial inquiry to the performance on the day has been first rate – we were thrilled! Thank you so very much.”
- Susan and John (2013)

“Hi Phil,
We are just back from honeymoon and felt compelled to email you to thank you for playing at our wedding. We thought you were excellent and all of our guests thoroughly enjoyed your playing. You really added to the ambience of the day and I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a bagpiper. Please feel free to use this on any website etc. You may have. Thanks again”
- Mhairi and Neil (2013)

“Hello Phil,
We are just back from our honeymoon and slowly coming to terms with real-life again! Many thanks once again for playing at our wedding – the Scottish guests really appreciated the gesture and my now husband said he got Goosebumps when we pulled up to our venue and he heard the Flower of Scotland playing! I would happily recommend you to anyone wanting to give their event an authentic Scottish twist. Feel free to use my comments for promotional purposes, and all the best for future events.”
- Jennifer and Alan Walker (2013)

“Thanks Phil
Mum and dad were over the moon with your performance and the surprise was perfect. Well done and thanks again. Look us up if you’re ever in Kerikeri! Take care.”
- Jim (2013)

“Hi Phil
I hope that you can add a testimonial to your site on our behalf. Edit where you like!
“My mother had wanted a piper to pipe her last journey and we were so fortunate to have you to fulfil her wish. Your presence at the service, playing in full regalia, has left a lasting impression on many and family and friends loved the music and the tribute. I am so grateful that you were able to take part in our farewell and will never forget the sound of ‘The Dark Island’ as we left the church; a beautiful song. Thank you, Phil.”
- V. Buckley, Cheshire (2013)

“Thanks Phil,
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday. You went above and beyond by learning Ellan Vannin for us and it made the day even more special for us, especially dad and I.”
- Anna Cooksey (31st December, 2012)

“Hi Phil,
I would just like to say a big thank you for playing at our daughter and son in law’s wedding yesterday at St Johns church, Wingates. All the guests enjoyed listening to you and Hannah was absolutely delighted to discover there was to be a piper present at the church. You helped to make a special day even more special. Many thanks once again. Hope you had a good Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.
Kind regards.”
- Kathryn and Phillip Whitfield (25 December, 2012)

“Thank you Phil,
It was a great day and Han was so pleased with you playing. Thanks again and will certainly recommend you in the future.”
- Dean (25th December, 2012)

“Thanks Phil,
It was an absolute pleasure to meet you too. We all had a fantastic time that evening and our trip around the UK has been wonderful. Hope to see you again someday when we need a piper, but if you are ever near Victoria, BC please look us up. Best wishes.”
- Diane and Pete – (29th November, 2012)

“Dear Phil,
I write to say thank you for your support and playing at the Memorial Service for Arthur Lamont, held at St Elizabeth’s, Ashley on Thursday. Your presence and performance made a huge contribution to the service and brought a dimension to the afternoon that meant a great deal to all who were there. I would not hesitate to recommend you to future clients and I look forward to meeting you again one day. Next time – a wedding perhaps, although you will have to remember that the Turnbulls are a border family. With very best wishes.”
- Nick Turnbull (17th November, 2012)

“Hi Phil,
Thank you so much for playing at our ceremony – you made our day extra special and everyone loved the music!”
- Shaun and Gemma (4th November, 2012)

“Hi Phil,
Just off on honeymoon this morning but would like to say a big thank you for playing at our wedding on Friday. You made a wonderful day perfect for Julie, her mother and myself. The pipes were great!
- Gary Johnson (26th September, 2012)

“Hi Phil,
Thanks so much for all you did – everyone commented on how much they enjoyed your playing particularly Nana from Glasgow! When we get back from honeymoon we will send you a photo of us with you and put a comment on your website if okay! Thanks again and best wishes.”
-Jenny and Graham (18th September, 2012)

“Hi Phil,
On behalf of all the family I wish to thank you so much for piping at my father’s 80th birthday celebrations. You made the celebrations very special and dad was still choked when he gave his speech after the meal. I cannot recommend you highly enough, easy to book, you listened to what we wanted, made suggestions, kept in contact and were here early on the day. Thank you for giving us all such special memories. Kind Regards”
- Angela Foster (16th October, 2012)

You absolutely made our day and we couldn’t have asked for more. You played your heart out. Everyone was so impressed with you and I will recommend you highly to anyone in need of a piper. One of our guests told me that they understood how terrified Edward the 1st would have been with the scots bearing down upon Lanercost after seeing us all in our garb to the sound of pipes! Anyway, I will send the pictures for your website when we get them, and if you want testimonials. I am happy to write one. Once again, many thanks. Best wishes.”
- Doug Lamond (16th October, 2012)

Been meaning to email you, wanted to say a massive thank you, you were amazing and made the day even more special. Once again thank you.”
- Sally and Roy (16th October, 2012)

“Hi Phil,
Thank you so much for making Bex and Chris’s wedding so special on Saturday, you were amazing and everyone loved you being there especially Chris’s Granddad whose face was a picture when he saw you. The day was absolutely amazing and my apologies for not being able to speak to you more but I would recommend you to anyone. I send best wishes from Bex, Chris and all our families and thank you again you are a star! I will be in touch when my son gets around to getting married! Regards.”
- Lynne Earley (23th July, 2012)

“Hello Phil,
We are just back from 2 weeks' holiday after the wedding of Isaac and Emma on 30th June at St Bartholomew’s Church, Roby. Thank you so much for your wonderful playing of many of our favourite pieces at the wedding. We have just got the video back and you feature highly on it and it is fantastic that we can recall everything from the day. I wish the weather had been slightly kinder for you, the down pour was unbelievable but you stood in the rain regardless and welcomed people. Many of our guests commented on how lovely it was to be greeted by your playing. So many thanks and if we need your services again in the future I will be in touch. Kind regards.”
- Heather Fuller (19th July, 2012)     

“Hi Phil,
What a beautiful performance, thank you for taking me back to my roots. We missed you at the end.
Kind regards.”
- Shama and Gavin (9th July, 2012)

“Hello Phil,
I would like to thank you personally and on behalf of my family for playing at Dad's funeral. The service you provided was top rate. Dad never served in the army and most of the pipers I spoke to said they would not be able to play for him. I spoke to you and you really went out your way to help, and seeing and hearing a lone piper as my Dad was laid to rest well words don’t even come close to trying to express the emotion you feel. Dad would have loved it – he always said he wanted to go to the military tattoo but ill health stopped him going too far from his home. It means so much that we could pay this lasting tribute to him. I wish you all the very best and thank you so much.
- Mike Barber, Stockport (24th May, 2012)

“Dear Phil,
Thank you so much for Saturday – it was fantastic and you were amazing! It was such a low key event but you made it so much more special. Mum and Dad were thrilled as were the rest of the guests. The phone hardly stopped on Sunday – people were calling to say how great you were! Thanks Again!”
- Alex Farrell (14th May, 2012)

“Hi Phil,
It was lovely to meet you on Friday and you certainly put the icing on the cake. Thank you. As soon as Lorraine sends me the clip I will send it on to you. Thank you again for all you did on Friday.”
- Helen and Alistair (8th May, 2012)

“Dear Phil,
We would like to say a big THANK YOU for the wonderful tribute you gave to our mother at her funeral. You brought everyone to tears when you played ‘Amazing Grace’ our mother would have loved it. We cannot thank you enough and would recommend you to anyone. Thank You”
- Carole and Jackie (9th April, 2012)

“Hi Phil,
Happy New Year! Now we’ve a bit of time after all the rushing, just wanted to let you know what a great contribution you made to the wedding last Wednesday – you were superb! Thanks again, and we will recommend you anytime – hope you made it home safe! Regards.”
- Jerry and all (3rd January, 2012)

“Thank you,
Everyone commented on how good you were, sorry I didn’t to you my dad was so happy you were there. Would definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again.”
- Alan and Lindsay (October 2011)

“Hi Phil,
Thank you very much for your kind wishes, you did us both an excellent job and appreciate everything you did to make our day run smoothly. I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing a bagpiper.
Once again thank you and best wishes.”
- Lisa and Joe (September 2011)

“Hi Phil,
Just off on honeymoon this morning but would like to say a ‘BIG’ thank you for playing at our wedding on Friday. You made a wonderful day perfect for Julie, her Mother and me.
The pipes were great!!!! Regards.”
Gary Johnson (September 2011)

“Hi Phil,
Many many thanks in helping to make our day so special we are very grateful.”
- Ben and Lisa Minard (September 2011)

“Hi Phil, 
I just wanted to say a massive Thank You for making our day so special. You were brilliant and everyone has been saying how much they enjoyed listening to you. You looked great and from the first time we heard you we thought you were amazing! Thanks again to a true gentleman for making us have such a happy day. Be in touch again, anybody reading this, please book Phil – he makes your day magical!”
- Lisa and Paul Dearden (July 2011)

“Good morning Phil,
I just wanted to say on behalf of our family, thank you for playing at my Grandfather's funeral. You paid a very dignified tribute to him and made it a very special, poignant service for us all.
Thank you again.”
- Kelly (June 2011)

“Hi Phil,
Thanks so much, we loved having you as part of our special day. The photographer’s pictures can be found on his website. There are some great ones. Thanks so much once again – everybody loved hearing you play!”
- Rachael and Fraser (May 2011)

“Dear Phil,
This is just to thank you most sincerely for all you gave last Saturday in Gatley at our birthday celebration. We have had the most effusive letter of thanks from Dad; he clearly thoroughly enjoyed your playing, as did we all and all the time and interest you gave him. He has got to a time in his life that doesn’t have too many outside interests and where just getting by from day to day is often all he can manage. So your skills and kindness have given something he will enjoy for a long time to come. Thank you very much indeed. With best regards,”
- Keith and Brigid Lowe (April 2011)

“Dear Phil,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for playing at our wedding at St. Peters Church at Ruthin Castle. You are a wonderful Piper and helped make our day very special. Kindest Regards.”
- Charly (March, 2011)

“Dear Phil,
Just to say a Big Thank you for making Brian’s send off just how he wanted it to be. It was beautifully played and excellent uniform. My Family and I can’t thank you enough. Lovely to meet you! Please use this note as a testimonial if you wish.”
- Maureen Tonkin (December 2010)       
“Hi Phil,
You were great!! You really made our day so special and all our guests commented on how good you were. We have been away to Edinburgh, and whilst visiting the castle saw a wedding, the piper at Edinburgh castle wasn’t a patch on you Phil!! Once again thank you so much. Please feel free to use these comments on your website. I want everyone to know how much you added to our day. Love.”
- Lynn and Craig Bonney (September 2010)

“Hi Phil,
Hope you ok and just want to say thank you so much for what you did at mine and Andy’s wedding. You were fantastic and my mum was over the moon, told you what she was like when it comes to bagpipers. Sorry, I didn’t get to say thank you and goodbye but there was so much going on – the day was just a blur. I have got your comments page on your website so I can leave a message. Well you take care and who knows, we might see you again in the future.”
- Sharlene and Andy (September 2010)

“Hi Phil,
Just wanted to Thank you for playing at our wedding on 18th September, you did a wonderful job and we would recommend you to anyone, it made our day you being able to play for us ‘Thank you’ again and all the best.’
- Adele and Craig Weller (September, 2010)

“Dear Phil,
I would just like to express my sincere thanks for your services at my Grandad’s funeral. It was an absolute pleasure and indeed an act my Grandad would have dearly loved. You played so beautifully and everyone commented on what a fitting tribute it was for an ex-army soldier.
Thank you very much once again.”
- Claire Rollinson (September 2010)

“Dear Phil,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for playing the pipes at our wedding, we had an amazing day and it was made complete by having you there to play, as you would have seen we had a lot of Scottish family and friends attending and they were all very impressed that we brought a touch of Scotland to the Midlands! Thanks very much and I would recommend you to our friends and family for future events. Kind regards”
- Vicky Stevenson, Redpath (July 2010)   

“Hi Phil,
We cannot thank you enough for making our day so special, everyone who heard you said you were amazing and we were so glad that you were part of our special day.
Thanks again we will be highly recommending you. Kind Regards.”
- Julie and Andrew (May 2010)

“Hi Phil,
Thank you so much for piping at our wedding, it was just perfect and you really looked the part.
Thank you once again. With love!”
- Danny and Carol (April 2010)

Thank you so much for your kind words and for making our day fantastic! Everybody commented on how good you were and I will be recommending you to all friends and family to add that extra ‘Panache’ to any occasion. Kind regards.”
- Joe and Anna Ibrahim (April 2010)
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