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Your go-to wedding bagpiper, based in Liverpool and serving Manchester and surrounding area

Playing the bagpipes at a wedding, not only adds flair to the event but will also impress your guests too. Creating a unique musical background and unique wedding entertainment, is what I, Phil McConnell of Bagpipers UK, do best. For unique wedding entertainment across the Liverpool and Manchester areas, contact me today. 

Mesmerise your guests with bagpipe wedding entertainment

To make your day memorable from the start, I will play a selection of lively tunes for your guests as they arrive at your wedding; to always keep the mood up.

The bride and the bridesmaids will also be greeted before being piped into the ceremony. I can play during the ceremony or during the signing of the register. I will play as the guests are leaving and provide a few tunes while pictures are being taken.

I can play at the reception during the cocktail hour and when the bride and groom make their way to the top table for the wedding breakfast, offering uniqueness to your special day.

When is the best time to have a piper play?

Before the ceremony

A piper can announce the arrival of the bride and march down the aisle playing a tune or two. Highland Cathedral or Amazing Grace are good tunes to use, and I have played these tunes accompanied by the church organ with great effect.

During the ceremony

Playing during the ceremony, this can be nice and kept short and sweet. One tune during the signing of the register.

At the end of the service

The piper can play outside the church when the guests are leaving for approximately 15 minutes. The piper can play a fast and lively tune while the bride and groom enter the limo.

Playing at the reception

During the cocktail hour a solo piper can blend into the room or gardens and provide background music for your guests. When your guests are seated, it is nice to have the piper escort the bride and groom to their seats while playing, “Marie’s Wedding”, which is a good tune.

Choice of music

The piper will have a good selection of tunes that he will play. Ask if you have a special request. A waltz played while the bride and groom dance by themselves is a popular option.

Bagpipe wedding music fees

Pipers have different music fees. Several factors may influence the fee. Expect to pay extra fees for pipers that have travelled longer distances to perform at your event. Playing time is another factor. When requesting a piper to play at the ceremony and at the reception, several hours of time may be needed to be set aside to perform at both. If you would like to contact me regarding my fees, get in touch with me today. 


If you live in Liverpool and the surrounding areas including Lancashire, Cheshire, Wirral, Staffordshire and Manchester, feel free to hire me for wedding entertainment, special occasions or corporate events.


I am also renowned as a funeral piper and if you wish to hear some of my bagpipe music samples, feel free to contact Bagpiper UK today. 

For a wedding bagpiper on hire, or to learn about our bagpipe wedding music fees, get in touch with Phil McConnell at Bagpiper UK, Liverpool. Also serving Manchester. Call me now for unique wedding entertainment on 0151 487 8341 on 07801 473127

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